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Published on May 20th, 2013 | by Lashay Basnight


Interview | Audible Doctor – The Doctor Will Emcee You Now


I had the pleasure of being able to interview one of the baddest Milwaukee emcees/producers by way of New York. One of the master minds of the Brown Bag AllStars, he has indeed done his share of making his mark in the underground hip hop world and beyond. He hips me to his thought regarding his latest project and what we can look forward to from he and the BBAS this Summer.


iHD: Ok so, before we get into the ins and outs of your great hip hop mind. Here’s a hypothetical question. Do you think you would have studied to become an otologist {ear doctor}?


Audible Doctor: Hahaha I definitely COULD have but I would have most likely killed myself if I had to look in people’s ears for a living. No offense to anyone who does that for a living.


iHD: That was just to break the ice *laughs*. Aight so for those folks that don’t know who you are. How did you get the name Audible Doctor and who are the Brown Bag AllStars?
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Audible Doctor: I honestly pulled the name out of my ass. I remember being on my rooftop in Brooklyn in the summer shortly after I moved out here and I was brainstorming on names and for some reason that one just stood out to me. It doesn’t really make much sense, any doctor that can make a noise is essentially an Audible Doctor haha but I figured f%$* it, at least it’s original and you’ll never hear someone say “wait, which Audible Doctor are you talking about?”. As far a Brown Bag goes we have myself, J57Soul KhanKonceptDeeJay Element, & Holla. We have a lot of family but those are the core members.


iHD: Your blog fully promotes many independent and local artists music. How important is it for you to help get their music out there to those that need to hear it?


Audible Doctor: I definitely try to do my best, I’m not gonna front, I slack on the blogging and I fall behind a lot but I feel it’s important to try to support the up and coming hip hop community. If my name value can help put somebody else on I’m gonna damn sure try to do it. I try to take a cue from the older heads that helped and continue to help me by spreading the word about my music and playing my joints on the radio. There are few people left in the game that are willing to support the next generation like that. Big shout out to DJ EclipseLarge Professor, & DJ Premier for always supporting the next generation. It really means a lot to the culture.


iHD: You’ve collaborated with some talented hip hop artists which in turn created some very dope tracks. Is there anyone that you would like to collab with soon?


Audible Doctor: Ghostface and Gladys Knight, preferably on the same track, I’ll call it 2 G’s.


iHD: How do you prepare for creating; in regards to producing or rhyming on a track?


Audible Doctor: As far as production, I just have to be in the right mood and it kind of just naturally happens. I think that’s why I’m most known for my production because it seems to come most naturally to me. As far as rhyming it’s a long process, I take whatever the immediate emotion or image I get from listening to a beat and run with it. I just released a track with meticulous as our duo Audimatic called, “The Wolves” and I literally heard the beat and in my mind saw an image of a guy on horseback with a hood and cloak on riding through the snow covered forest at night running from the wolves hahaha I just took that imagery and built off it to create the whole theme of the track. I rarely sit down and write songs start to finish, it always accumulates in bits and pieces.




iHD: So “I Think That…” is incredibly ill. What was the inspiration for the title?
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Audible Doctor: Thank you! I appreciate that! “I Think That…” was my first step into the light as a solo artist rapping wise so the title just kind ties into the “well, this is me” theme. It’s really a collection of songs that express where I am as an artist. It also was created to link up with another project so the titles would form a sentence but me being the unfocused artist that I am, my release schedule has completely changed so who knows if or when the second part will drop haha.




iHD: My favorite tracks are ”Wings”“Genuine” {fiyah!}, ”Andy Kaufman Theory” and ”F.U.B.U.” Now this track, I truly believe this epitomizes the struggle of the independent artist. Do you believe that with the height of technology for promoting music, that folks whom want to hear good music aren’t willing to invest in the talents of the independent artist?




Audible Doctor: I honestly think it’s simplified everything. The walls have come completely down and you can’t hide behind image or marketing anymore. I’ve felt this way for a while, people who are going to buy your music and support you are going to buy it regardless, and those that aren’t, aren’t. You can’t convince someone to spend money on music if they don’t want to. Since the playing field is now leveled for everyone the key is making something that your fans WANT to spend money on. I’ve had fans ask me if they can Paypal me $5 for a free release because they appreciate the music that much. If you make good music that people relate to then you’ll have no problem finding people to support it. You’re always going to have people illegally downloading, it’s the people who understand the value that you have to focus on.


iHD: What were your favorite tracks or track to work on?


Audible Doctor: I think my favorite beat I’ve ever produced was for Has-Lo on his track “Reincarnate” as far as vocal songs I feel my most recent project “The Winter Tape” is my strongest solo work to date. But I have to say it’s really dope to hear John Legend on one of my beats.




iHD: What’s next for you and the Brown Bag AllStars? Any new tracks in the works?


Audible Doctor: Always! Like I said I dropped, “The Winter Tape” recently, I’ve also been dropping leaks off my upcoming EP with maticulous as Audimatic, and we have a new single on the way. The Brown Bag AllStars are working on our debut album coming later this year, and I have the second installment of my seasons series “The Summer Tape” dropping soon…I have a lot of collab projects in the works as well but i’m not sure what’s dropping when so i’ll keep them under wraps for now. I’ve been staying busy, and there’s a whole lot more on the way!


iHD: Pure awesomeness, well we are most definitely looking forward to hearing the fiyah dropping soon!

You can stay in the know on all of Audible Doctor’s latest work via:


Twitter: @AudibleDoctor

Or just make it easy on yourself and peep his website:



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